On September 29, 2021, the presentation of the new book of the President of Turkmenistan «Garaşsyzlyk - bagtymyz» took place at the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

The event was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, the country’s scientific intelligentsia, professors and students, as well as local and foreign media.

Representatives of the scientific intelligentsia of Turkmenistan speaking at the presentation emphasized that this book by the Leader of the Nation, which was presented to Turkmen people on the eve of the 30th anniversary of sacred Independence, was a comprehensive embodiment of Turkmenistan’s great achievements over the years of independence and the creative energy of Turkmen people.

It was emphasized that in 30 glorious years of independence Turkmenistan joined the rank of states with developing economy and democratic principles. The lifestyle, fate and spiritual world of Turkmen people who left a bright trace in the world culture and whose history goes back many thousands of years, have fundamentally changed during this time.

The participants of the presentation noted that the new book «Garaşsyzlyk - bagtymyz» provides an opportunity for a wide range of readers to learn important pages in the history of Turkmen state and better assess achievements of the country for 30 years.